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This web site belongs to Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa.

Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa holds a Doctorate degree in medicine, and has pursued many other post graduate courses in peace, environment and human rights (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Austria, Romania etc...) A Rwandese national Peace and human rights practitioner, he has worked with several peace and development/child-youth and women rights organizations in Africa as trainer-facilitator, consultant or in administration.

Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa is founder of GLPI (Great Lakes Peace Initiative) - African Regional network aiming at peace and sustainable development in many countries of Central an East Africa. He has published many articles and publications on peace, conflict issues and development ( www.authorme.com and peace poems at www.peacepoet.com ) and in World Peace journal - an international peace newsletter. Dr. Claude Shema Rutagengwa became a peace practitioner after the 1994 Rwanda genocide as a survivor of that tragedy. He felt very concerned about peace and conflict resolution issues, in a bid of tribute in synergy with others in preventing and transcending hostilities.

Nature-flowers/gardens - animals - soft/slow music - travel - reading - walking on beach - evening walk and other relaxation exercises.

Enviable human quality: Ubumuntu-Ubuntu and wisdom.

Idole professors: Pr. Hizkias Assefa - Pr. Johan Galtung.
Person idole: H.E.Nelson Mandela (former South African president)

Ambitions/greater thoughts:
Global Peace University in Africa, to halt environment threats like global warming, and end of war and violence in the war






Peace of My Mind

Peace of Mind -  from Dr. Claude



Peace of My Mind



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