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About us



Inspired by Gandhi and the principle founder of peace studies discipline Hon.Pr.Johan Galtung, PeacePoet.com  is an independent web site owned by Dr.Claude Shema-Rutagengwa

(MD and peace practitioner ), designed and technically maintained by Pr.Bruce Cook (Ph.D) aiming at “promoting peace through arts”.

In so doing, Peacepoet.com will focus on broader variety of arts such as: writing, painting, drawing, poetry, music, Theater and performing arts, etc…


General Objectives


Stimulating & orienting  inspirations of artists into peace 

Sustaining tolerance & culture of non-violence among artists

Building culture of peace in diversity through arts.

Involving artists in peace matters and making them real partners of non-violence

Promoting artists aiming at  peace and non-violence


Particular emphasis


Lobbying for peace and harmony in intercultural  perspective, and mutual understanding among   people in diversity.



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Peace of My Mind

Peace of Mind -  from Dr. Claude



Peace of My Mind



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