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End of Fantasy


All started with fantasy
Road without signs
The speed limits on Highway
Enjoying the fruits on its way
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Tiger’s tail or meeting point
Handshaking was the only option
Fearful over eyes on that portion
Karl Johan gate is the next destination
Just the day after today as donation
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Not at all Almighty
Nightmares? Yes that’s right
And began with surprising
Keeping down adrenaline rising
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

The tears of liar scrolled
As reality grooved
As dilemma grilled
As both hearts roared
As truth faced high steam
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Hand in hand
Mind to mind
Chest to chest
Tik-tak, style of walk
Gardens where our compounds
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Fantasy why? Fantasy when?
Fantasy ever since, fantasy now
Superficial acts and pretensions
Acting and starring with high steam
No sustainable team just grumpy
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Days went months followed
First year in doubts the 2nd followed
Awaiting impatiently fruits promised
But the answer was the impediment cursed
And got dry as an abandoned nail on skeleton
But, anyway, it was fantasy.


Togetherness in the darkness
Hope in hope-like but hopelessness
Joy in joy-like but joylessness
Promises in promise-like but meaningless
Up-and-down’s style endlessly
But, anyway, it was fantasy.

Awaiting for improvement
Going through clumsy movements
Hanging on rootless vanished thoughts
Enmeshed by invisible deeply hidden fantasy
Outwardly putting me on the brink of extinction
But, anyway, it was fantasy without distinction.

But then,
Reality anchored
The light smiled over
The darkness escaped
Peace regained my soul again
And now I got the fresh blood in veins
Because it is the end of fantasy.

May peace and love replace “fantasy” of any kind, because love never dies, while fantasy blows like a summer cloud.



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