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No Life without You
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In a darkness of endless nights
In tremendous tiredness of my mind
In the labyrinth pathways in front of my sight
Engel was my daylight
Fulfilling my needs indeed!

Whatever I touch
Your name shines like a torch
Wherever I go
Your name guides my thoughts
Whatever I wear
Engel is there just to care.

I can’t be grateful enough to you –Engel
And my words cannot explain my thank you-Engel
But my heart will be always with you-Engel.
I attempted to give you all my belongings-Engel
But it does not fit your generosity so far–Engel
Better I bend down in front you –Engel
So that you know how much I obey you-Engel.

I wish peace would come soon
So that I shall be back into my soul
I shall regain the strength to thank you
You the only one who saved my soul
You, the only one who lifted me to the moon!
Thousands thanks to you-Engel!







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