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Under the rain at Holmenkollen


My night was so short

My dreams went down

I woke up and got down

My mind got ready to see

My whole inner body is on Holmenkollen.


The white Caddy didn’t disappoint me

The driver Queen D- is ready for departure

The road from Fagerborggate starts to shine

Despite the heavy rainy day in Oslo

No fear of red old T-bane around Majorstuen.


Slemdal reminded me a lot:

Passion!Peace! Silent day alone in a white Villa

Waiting time for release.

Just Slemdal!



So wonderful view Queen D-

I can see down town Oslo

I can’t see any Albatross though

But a wonderful hill under the rain at Holmenkollen!


Slowly got down from a white Caddy

Walking carefully under snow and rain

Shaking my foot like a cat on the wet street

So clumsy boy…!

Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh- so cold but nice

I hope my heart won’t be frozen in ice!


The rain!Never stop!

Still in drop drop drop !

White jumpers from heaven to earth

All colors of the world are gathered!


Queen D- is not far

With an umbrella covered me from the drop and  warmed me up again!

Drop drop drop the rain made waterfalls on umbrella’s edges

The competition of ski jumpers goes on!

The height of ski jumping fascinated me!


Oh God!

You are no longer far now

I can reach you and ask you some few words God

Soon I will be able to reach you in your eternity

Ask you to send all your peace angels to the world

Now I have got a powerful springboard-Holmenkollen!






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