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Humming in Geiranger


Between 7 sisters waterfalls
Under the enormous 4 hills
Not far from camping sites
Under the seat of Queen
The ship humming in Geiranger!

The fjords made me confused
I can’t see the end of ocean
Even though Atlantic wanted that
While the green landscape whispers
The ship humming in Geiranger!

                      So huge!

So strange, so big, so high, so tall!
So nice, so beautiful, so scary!
Danae, Thomson Celebration
Arcadia,Queen Elisabeth2 and so on!
The ship humming in Geiranger!


          To much for you Geiranger!

To much but sweet
To much but nice
To much but wealth
To much but better
To much but better forever!


Your sound goes over and over
Climbed all peaks and over
Penetrated into the green water
Slips away into tunnels away…
Just humming in Geiranger!

I wish, I pray to be your friend
I hope I will succeed to be your lover
But I wonder you open your arms only in Summer
I doubt I will be frozen in winter without your smile
Then I will be humming in Geiranger!

The crowded small village smiles
Tourists enjoy from far away
The Eagle road’s bends are your wings
I wish to stay peacefully under your scenery
Just like humming ship in Geiranger!




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