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Norwegian Albatross


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Norwegian Albatross


Norwegian Albatross


Standing on natural beach of northern Fjord

Enjoying peacefully abundance of small insects

Catching them and swallowing without eating

Hmmm! Namnamnam indeed really it is!


             I am getting chilly

        May be I am silly not chilly

        Hwi, Whi, Whi, Whi, Whi, Whi

   Big colony of my co-albatross again

 Shouting with their big and long wings

Moving towards southern-Eastern part of Norway!


      It's a Time to shift without doubts

  The rain became heavy and chilly grrrrrrr!

Those heavy clouds on the sky scared me a lot!

The destination is down,and down there under our nest

Far from Norwegian Fjords, no more words!



               Albatross, Albatrus,

       And Albatriosssssssssssss!

Calling my kids, my nieces to join me,

    Even is not easy to find me,

Arrrgggh! this black heavy cloud covering me

But it's time to move to the eternal African spring

                  On the Mediterranean Sea,

To see it's endless summer season on the beach.

where I will enjoy my break-fast on time

               My lunch at noon!

            My supper after evening

    My sweet dreams with an African Queen

      Under protection of African God!


   Hmmm! But! But! But! really But!

        I'm wondering about so many things now,

            But I will go anyhow.

Big summer eagles will catch me!

                Oh my Gosh!

Endless wars on that continent, Oh Lord!

    Poor and hungry kids on the street, Ohhh!

         But African God of birds is there

                  No worries my kids

I will pray for eternal peace to regain in Africa

Even though I am Norwegian Albatross



 Claude Shema Rutagengwa



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