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Snow Falling


Walking on the street
My hands under gloves
Warm gloves for winter
No street with any hitter
The wind is a such bitter
Under snow falling.

        Oh! So cold!
So cold but so cool
Falling down harmlessly
Confronting each other peacefully
But I really wonder-seriously
Who send it to me so briefly
Although is snow falling!

So white so calm and comes down
So granular so crystalline water ice
So soon I will play with it-snowman
So blizzard so columns, flurry dendrites
So freezing rain so ground blizzard!

           Oh! So Graupel!
Soft hail or  hailstorm,
Thunder snow or snow squall
Stay calm soft and stable
Stabilize my mind and the wind
So sweet snow falling!

Wherever you come from
In foam form without foe
Find me the way out from far
Feel my dream and fulfill it with peace
The more you fall on earth
Be transformed into peace angels to the world.
So sweet “Snow falling”…!






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