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Better days would come

I wish that would be now

My wishes would be that

I want that better days now.


Oh! Yes.


War is worse

Then I need a horse

The horse to climb odds

The horse of peace

Peace of mind


Oh! Right.


My dream is about a big umbrella

White big one ever seen I mean indeed

Big yes but better the strongest in world

So that all orphans and miserable can find refuge

So that all Darfur people can breathe again

So that a peaceful heaven will come

Come and cover up all innocents.


I would shout for joy with Iraqis

I will cry for joy with Palestians & Israeli people

I will dance hand in hand with Independent Republic of Taiwan

I will ride a white horse with all Colombians without guns

I will celebrate endlessly when Somali will be reunited

I will smile day and night with all Ugandans.


I will call up on all kind of birds

To come and sing with me

When the cold war will be over

When hatred between Russia and USA regimes will be buried

When all kind of killing and terrorism will be buried

When  imperialism and injustice will be history

My smile will be posted on the top of my peaceful umbrella

All humans will be equal and happy under that precious Umbrella






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